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Original Designs Hand- Silk Screened by Tiffany O’Neill Huff in Her Home Studio in Wimberley, Texas. Tiffany Draws Inspiration From Animals Wanting People to Allow Their Personal Integrity to be Their Guide and Stand in Their Truth and to Be Aware of Their Opinions and Actions; Walk the Talk, Sing the Truth, Learn Direction Through the Balance of Past, Present and Future Decisions.

Her Most Popular Animal Influences:

Armadillo: The armadillo…”little armored one” carries the shell of protection on his back, a shield of safety against the unknown. I painted this nine banded varmint after an encounter I had with one outside of my studio shortly after the New Year. I was inspired by the message in the medicine he offers, holding my thoughts close to family traditions and my roots here in the lone star state.

Bison: Spirit symbolizes abundance, strength, manifestation, and generosity. Bison medicine teaches us that true prosperity comes when we are grateful for what we have and when we live in harmony and love with every living thing within the universe. When we learn to express gratitude for all parts and aspects of creation, Bison bestows strength of character and a free spirit. Once we are open to receive, miracles can manifest from the most unexpected sources. When protecting themselves against danger, the female bison will form a circle around the calves, and the males form a circle around the cows. The wisdom of bison’s natural instincts and communal family sense provides a mutual respect for this majestic symbol of the American West.

Coyote: Coyote Wisdom teaches us not to take things so seriously- to explore present chaos in life and laugh at our own mistakes…welcoming the unexpected and refining the art of self-sabotage. When we stop blaming others or bad luck, coyote will have taught us a great lesson.

Desert Crow: Mysterious and wise, crow brings messages from the spirit world and is thought to reside beyond the realm of time and space. Crow medicine teaches how to speak with an effective voice when addressing issues that for you seem out of harmony, out of balance, or unjust.

Roadrunner: Roadrunner teaches us to set plans in motion, think quick on our feet, multitask and flow with change. It has a shaggy crest indicating bold curiosity and unusual ideas. Strong tail activates the kundalini, helping to manifest thoughts and shift dimensions easily.

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