Bee Amour Jewelry is a unique line of bee-centric jewelry created by Anna Gieselman. She was born and raised in Austin Texas and currently lives in east Austin where she hand makes each piece in her home studio. Although she had been making jewelry for many years her obsession with hexagons and bees didn’t come along until the spring of 2010. She had been keeping bees for a year and in spring her hive began constructing queen cells in preparation to swarm. The first Bee Amour necklace was cast from those very same queen cells. From that moment her inspiration developed into a body of work which continues to grow. Bee Amour can be found in stores throughout Austin as well as Houston, and Santa Fe NM. Anna’s goal is to continue to expand the line into more retail markets and in doing so increase the knowledge of the importance of bees through her craft.

Also Bee Amour donates 5% of company profits to bee loving non-profits and institutions that are researching bee issues, supporting healthy hives and educating the public about the importance of bees. Each time you purchase a piece of Bee Amour jewelry you are supporting the bees and a local Austin artist.

honeycomb coin long tiny hex necklace  stacking rings  queen ring