Diamonds Are Evil, co-founded by Meredith Butler and Michael Murphy, is a design studio based in South Austin in the artist compound known as “Slackerville.” Diamonds Are Evil designs and makes handcrafted laser cut jewelry, accessories, art and home decor.

The laser cut jewelry is mostly made from sustainably harvested Canadian birch wood, reclaimed acrylic, or repurposed leather remnants. Their main goal is to create eco friendly fashion and home decor that is intricate and beautiful, while eliminating practices that are wasteful or not environmentally friendly.

They only use ethically sourced and sustainable materials for their laser cut jewelry and accessories. They produce all of their products in-house, and even find second uses for any remnants.  Their focus is creating a brand that opens up a conversation about consumers’ knowledge of the various practices surrounding the mining and processing of gemstones and diamonds. By forging a way to talk about jewelry production they can continue to educate consumers and bring awareness to every part of a products life, from raw material, to manufacturing, to the shelf in a store.

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