Cristen, founder of Rene’ Guest Jewelry and Eros Collective, calls Austin home and has been exploring artistic expression through jewelry design for over 15 years. She takes a special interest in her family’s Native American heritage, and began learning to weave bracelets on a loom for friends in grade school as her first venture into jewelry design. She apprenticed with several artists through college and took a few metals courses at The University of Texas in Austin to develop her skills. Cristen travels near and far finding inspiration in the uniqueness of each culture’s art, traditions, and spiritual practices. Some of her designs incorporate sustainably harvested feathers, meaning no animals were harmed in the making of her beautiful designs.

“In a sense, designing jewelry is like decorating people. I love people, all colors, shapes and sizes. The beauty of Jewelry is that it is not limiting, but rather all encompassing. I design to make my customer feel unique, vibrant, energetic and confident. Creativity has been my ticket to freedom in so many ways through life, and I could not be more thankful when I see my designs on friends.”