Liz Alig is a fashion label that was created to provide consumers with clothing that is fair trade, ethical, AND fashionable. They create fashion forward collections and partner with organizations around the world to produce the clothing.  Their focus is to create each collection ethically from fabric to sewing so we start with fabrics with recycled materials, organic cotton, hand woven textiles, factory excess cut-offs, and/or locally sourced natural fibers. Next they partner with over 10 fair trade organizations and co-ops all over the world to produce the clothing.  Liz Alig now works with co-ops and production facilities in Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Ghana, India, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Nepal, and USA. Because they believe strongly that fair trade is a way to empower those living in poverty, they give a portion of their sales back to NGOs in developing countries to promote skills training of women.

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